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Support Belts

Support Belts


  • Easy to be worn, adjusted and taken off
  • Anti-roll functionality
  • Provides the vital support when it is required or for long periods of time with ultimate comfort
  • Specially developed to allow the stoma pouch to function without the fear of pancaking and leaking
  • 2-way stretch material allows continued activity while supporting the abdominal area or hernia
  • Made of polyester and elastine which creates the 2-way stretch fabric and makes it breathable
  • Provides ultimate comfort for the wearer and no ‘digging in’
  • Unique ‘glove design’ allows a very easy action of putting on, adjusting and removing of our belts
  • Comes in Beige or Black with many sizes for an adjustable hole, or without
  • 6", 8" and 10.25" depths with sizes from X-Small to XXL

Introducing our new SecureWear ‘Security’ Support Belts

Check out our Catalog and Sizing Chart to determine the best belt for you!

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Sizes Measurement Width Depth 1 Depth 2 Depth 3
Extra Small up to 29.5 inches / up to 75cms 6 inches / 16cm 8 inches / 20cm 10.25 inches / 26cm
Small 29.5 to 36.5 inches / 75cms to 90cms 6 inches / 16cm 8 inches / 20cm 10.25 inches / 26cm
Medium 36.5 to 41.25 inches / 90cms to 105cms 6 inches / 16cm 8 inches / 20cm 10.25 inches / 26cm
Large 41.25 to 47.25 inches / 105cms to 120cms 6 inches / 16cm 8 inches / 20cm 10.25 inches / 26cm
Extra Large 47.25 to 53.25 inches / 120cms to 135cms 6 inches / 16cm 8 inches / 20cm 10.25 inches / 26cm
XX Large 53.25 to 59 inches / 135cms to 150cms 6 inches / 16cm 8 inches / 20cm 10.25 inches / 26cm

Need a hole for an Ostomy pouch?

Medicare Self Reimbursement

HCPC: A4396

CMS has assigned HCPC code #A4396 for possible reimbursement by Medicare for hernia/ostomy patients. We are providing this form to assist you with the filing procedures. Make sure you list the HCPC code on the form description with your other documentation needed.

Private Insurance Holders: You may want to check with your carrier to see if there is any reimbursement available and find out the procedures for self-reimbursement.

Link: CMS1490S-ENGLISH-Instructions-DME

Safe n Simple Manufacturer Letter for Medicare Reimbursement: Letter-MedicareManufacturer-NotBiller