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Government Relations

GSA Multiple Award #36F79721D0207


Who is Safe n Simple?

Safe n Simple LLC is a private, for profit, Small Business that is located in Clarkston, Michigan. We are innovators, developers and marketers of new medical products that include Ostomy and Wound Care. We enhance the patient’s quality of life with superior products at an affordable price while bringing value to the communities in which we live.

Why Safe n Simple should be your choice?

Going on 15 years in business, we are financially sound and have an excellent history of past performance. We carry five months inventory inhouse to ensure there are no supply chain issues. We can fulfill large orders and deliver on time. For your convenience, we can accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for an alternate payment option.

Product Offering:

SIN#Item #Product Name / Description
A-12SNS00525Peri-Stoma Cleanser & Adhesive Remover/ Cs Qty 12 packs- Packaging 50 per pack
A-12SNS92305Skin Barrier Powder 5oz/ Cs Qty 40 bottles-5 oz bottles
A-12SNS92301Skin Barrier Powder 1oz/ Cs Qty 40 bottles-1 oz bottles
A-12SNS90502Skin Barrier Paste/Cs Qty 24 tubes-2oz tube
A-12SNS92802No-Sting Skin Barrier Paste/Cs Qty 24 tubes-2oz tube
A-12SNS90516Skin Barrier Paste-Fast Drying/Cs Qty 24 tubes-2oz tube
A-12SNS40208Ostomy Pouch Deodorant 8oz btl/Cs Qty 12 bottles-8oz bottles
A-12SNS40202Ostomy Pouch Deodorant 2oz btl/Cs Qty 24 bottles-2oz bottles
A-12SNS41408Assure C Odor Eliminator 8oz btl/Cs Qty 12 bottles-Packaging 8oz bottles
A-12SNS41404Assure C Odor Eliminator 4oz btl/Cs Qty 12 bottles-Packaging 4oz bottles
A-12SNS41425Assure C Odor Eliminator 1/4oz pkt/Cs Qty 400 packets-Packaging 1/4oz pkt
A-12SNS68002Integrity Skin Barrier 2′” Ring/Cs Qty 8 boxes-Packaging 20 per box
A-12SNS684H2Longevity Skin Barrier 2″ Ring/16 boxes-10 per box
A-12SNS684U2Conforming Adhesive Seal 2″ Ring/Cs Qty 16 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-12SNS684U2-BConforming Adhesive Seal 2″ Ring-Bulk/Cs Qty 400 each-Packaging each
A-12SNS684U4Conforming Adhesive Seal 4″ Ring/Cs Qty 16 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-12SNS20630Skin Barrier Arc 1″/Cs Qty 50 tray-Packaging 30 per tray
A-12SNS21130Skin Barrier Arc X-tra Wide/Cs Qty 24 tray-Packaging 30 per tray
A-12SNS22222Skin Barrier Half Circle 1″/Cs Qty 24 trays-Packaging 20 per tray
A-12SNS21605Skin Barrier Sheets 4″ X 4″/Cs Qty 10 boxes-Packaging 5 per box
A-12SNS12T100Pouch-One Piece Drainable Transparent/Cs Qty 8 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-12SNS12B100Pouch-One Piece Drainable Opaque/Cs Qty 8 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-12SNS12T10FPouch-One Piece Drainable Transparent w/ filter/Cs Qty 8 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-12SNS12B10FPouch-One Piece Drainable Opaque w/ filter/Cs Qty 8 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-12SNS14502Stoma Care Round-Hydrocolloid wafer/Cs Qty 8 boxes-Packaging 30 per box
A-12SNS14506Stoma Care Round-Acrylic Tape Collar wafer/Cs Qty 8 boxes-Packaging 30 per box
  Wound Care
A-4bSNS56712Silver Fibergel 2″ X 2″/Cs Qty 10 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-4bSNS56716Silver Fibergel 4″ X 4.47″/Cs Qty 10 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-4bSNS50002Collagens 2″ X 2″/Cs Qty 14 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-4bSNS5221GCollagens Powder packets 1g/Cs Qty 6 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-4bSNS5001GCollagen Powder vail 1g/ Cs Qty 6 boxes-Packaging 5 per boxes
A-4bSNS52222Collagen Pads 2″ X 2″/Cs Qty 6 boxes-Packaging 5 per box
A-4bSNS52244Collagen Pads 4″ X 4″/Cs Qty 6 boxes-Packaging 5 per box
A-4aSNS55402Hydrocolloid 2″ X 2″/Cs Qty 12 boxes-Packaging 12 per box
A-4aSNS55404Hydrocolloid 4″ X 4″/Cs Qty 12 boxes-Packaging 12 per box
A-4aSNS21149Hydrocolloid 7″ X 7″/Cs Qty 20 boxes-Packaging 10 per box
A-4bSNS51118Dermapure Wound Cleanser/Cs Qty 6 bottle-Packaging 8 oz bottles



Do you have specification sheets?

Yes. Specification sheets are available upon request.

Are samples available?

Yes. Samples are available upon request.

Additional questions?

Please feel free to contact us should your department require additional information regarding our superior ostomy and wound care items.

Who should I contact?

Executive Director of Government Sales

Holly Loos (248) 496-2508


Please see our Capability Statement below.


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