Skin Barrier Sheets - Safe n Simple
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Skin Barrier Sheets

Skin Barrier Sheets


  • Waterproof Surface for bathing or swimming
  • Skin Friendly
  • Protects the Skin
  • Highly Absorbent Adhesive for secure seal
  • Aloe and Zinc Oxide version Available Now!

Have an allergic reaction to pouch adhesives?
Do you have raw or weeping skin issues that makes your pouch burn, itch or fall off?

These thin 4×4 hydrocolloid sheets will protect the skin from adhesive allergies. Cut to fit the hole to your stoma size and apply directly on clean skin that has been protected with a skin barrier film product or create a crust with powder and skin barrier film, if you have extremely weeping skin. You will apply your wafer or pouching system directly to the surface of these sheets to create a secure seal with no irritation from the pouch adhesives. 

Try out new Aloe and Zinc infused Skin Barrier Sheet for even better results!

Product Code Description Packaging HCPC Monthly Allowables
SNS21605 Skin Barrier Sheets 4" x 4" 5 units/box - 10 boxes/case A4362 20 units
SNS21615 Skin Barrier Sheets 4" x 4" with Aloe and Zinc Oxide 5 units/box - 10 boxes/case A4362 20 units

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