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Simple Start Program

Safe n Simple offers the Simple Start Program to introduce a variety of our products to patients free of charge. By completing the registration form listed below and returning to Safe n Simple, we will send Ostomy patients or nurses our Simple Start kit with a variety of our products and information for application, use, and re-ordering.

Product inside of kit is as follows:

SNS00505 (Adhesive Remover Wipes 5ct) – 2 packages
SNS80725 (No Sting Skin Barrier Wipes 25ct) – 8 sachets

SNS80711 (No Sting Skin Barrier Wand) – 1 wand
SNS684U2 (Conforming Skin Barrier Seals) – 2 rings
SNS20630 (Skin Barrier Arcs 1 inch) – 3 arcs
SNS21130 (Skin Barrier Arcs 2 inch) – 3 arcs
SNS41425 (Clear Ostomy Deodorant 1/4 oz) – 2 packets
SNS12T100 (12″ Transparent Drainable Pouch) – 1 pouch + 1 clip

SNS92300-S (Ostomy Powder 1 gram vial) – 1 vial

To apply for our Simple Start Program, please follow these intructions:

1) Click the file link below called: “Kit Enrollment Form”
2) Click into the fields and type your information to fill out the form
3) Save the file to your computer to an easy spot to remember
4) Attach the file to the form below and send to our Simple Start team.