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Foam Wound Dressings

Foam Wound Dressings


  • Easy to Remove from Wound
  • High Absorption Capacity
  • Protective Backing to Prevent Strike-through
Simpurity Foam wound dressings are designed to help manage moderate-to-highly draining wounds. The dressing absorbs wound exudate, promotes moist wound healing, protects the wound from contaminants and permits moisture vapor exchange.The white side of the foam dressing is applied to the wound. The coral colored top of the foam dressing contains a moisture permeable layer designed to protect against exudate strike-through while acting as a protective barrier to outside wound contaminants. Simpurity Foam dressings are designed to be easily removed from the wound sites. The non-adhesive construction of the dressing helps to assure that the skin around the wound perimeter is not damaged.

Indications Simpurity Foam Wound Dressings are indicated for the management of moderately-to-highly exuding wounds such as:

• Pressure sores

• Leg ulcers

• Cavity wounds

• Use as protective padding

Contra-Indications Simpurity Foam Wound Dressings are not indicated for use on the following

• Third-degree burns

• Dry wounds

• Surgical implantations


Product Code Description Packaging HCPC Monthly Allowables
SNS51W02 Foam Wound Dressing 2" x 2" 12 pads/box - 16 boxes/case A6209 12 units
SNS51W03 Foam Wound Dressing 3" x 3" 12 pads/box - 16 boxes/case A6209 12 units
SNS51W04 Foam Wound Dressing 4" x 4" 12 pads/box - 16 boxes/case A6209 12 units
SNS51W24 Foam Wound Dressing 4" x 6" 12 pads/box - 16 boxes/case A6210 12 units

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