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Silver Foam Dressings

Silver Foam Dressings


  • Sterile, Maintains Optimal Wound Healing Environment
  • Easy to Apply and Remove
  • High Absorption Capacity
  • Protective Backing to Prevent Strike-through
  • Impregnated with Ionic Silver Particles to Kill Bacteria
Simpurity Silver Foam Dressing is a silver ion-containing polyurethane foam dressing that protects wounds from bacterial penetration while reducing the bioburden in a wound bed. It mainly consists of a hydrophilic polyurethane foam substrate and silver compound. It is indicated for the management of moderate-to-heavy exudate for chronic and acute wounds and helps maintain a moist healing environment. Controlled release of ionic silver provides a sustained antibacterial effect. Inhibits a broad-spectrum of infection up to 99.99% for a wide variety of bacteria. Provides longer wear times and pain-free removal.Simpurity Silver Foam Dressings are available in 2” x 2” and 4” x 5” sizes.

Simpurity Silver Foam Wound Dressings are indicated for the management of moderately-to-highly exuding wounds such as:

• Pressure ulcers

• Leg ulcers

• Diabetic foot ulcer

• Second degree burns

• Donor sites

• Post operative wounds and skin abrasions


Product Code Description Packaging HCPC Monthly Allowables
SNS72502 Silver Foam Dressings 2" x 2" 12 pads/box - 16 boxes/case A6209 12 units
SNS72520 Silver Foam Dressings 4" x 5" 12 pads/box - 16 boxes/case A6210 12 units

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