Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new ostomy patient. How do I request samples?
Please contact Safe n Simple directly at 844-767-6334 or click here for our website.
How much does it cost for shipping?
Orders placed directly from our website have a flat rate of $10 for shipping to anywhere in the United States. Please contact us for expedited shipping inquiries.
Do you accept my medical insurance?
No, we do not accept medical insurance. Please contact one of our distributors listed below and they will bill your insurance for you.

Byram Healthcare - 800-308-9445
CCS Medical - 800-722-2604
Edgepark Medical - 800-321-0591 “RR” goes before the item #
Comfort Medical - 877-756-2280
Liberator - 800-754-5919
McKesson Medical - 855-404-6727
Medline Medical - 800-633-5463
Mercy Surgical - 800-637-2950 accepts pay-out-of-pocket clients
Parthenon - 800-453-8898 accepts pay-out-of-pocket clients
Prism Medical - 888-244-6421
Shield Healthcare - 800-675-7342
Do any of your products contain Latex?
All of our products are Latex-Free.
What is the difference between the Assure-C Lubricant and Ostomy Pouch Deodorant?
They are both odor eliminators. Ostomy Pouch Deodorant is blue in color. Assure-C is clear and contains a lubricant to assist with emptying your pouch.
How do I use the Ostomy Pouch Deodorant? How much do I use?
You will put a few drops of the deodorant into your pouch and rub it around before applying your pouching system. If the odor does not disappear, please use a few more drops.
Why is the Safe n Simple Ostomy Pouch Deodorant blue?
The deodorant is blue so it can easily be identified in the pouch system. Also, no dyes have been added to the ostomy pouch deodorant. It is the naturally occurring oxidation from the copper ions in the formulation.
How do I use the Assure-C Odor Eliminator Lubricant? How much do I use?
You will put a few drops of the deodorant into your pouch and rub it around before applying your pouching system. Add more drops if the odor persists.
I was measured by my nurse. How do I order the Security Hernia Ostomy Support Belt?
Belt orders can be purchased through our distributors at Health Products For You or click here to place an order through our store site on Amazon
Where can I find Silicone Tape on your website?
I have an ostomy and cannot find it listed in the Ostomy category. Go to Wound Care then select Surgical Tape.
What size Silicone Tape is best to use for my ostomy?
Most ostomy patients will find the 2” Silicone Tape is recommended, but we also have it available in 1” and ½”.
Where do I find directions on your website to use my products?
Go to our website SNS Medical,select products from the homepage, then select either Ostomy or Wound Care , then select the specific product you wish to see. Choose the options button then scroll down to select How To Use.
What should I use for leakage issues around my stoma?
Safe n Simple carries skin barrier rings and skin barrier sheets that are used to create a barrier to eliminate leakage around the stoma.
What can I use for my irritated skin?
Safe n Simple ostomy skin barrier powder will sooth the peristomal skin and promote healing. The combination of powder first and then a skin barrier film, wand or spray will create a crusting, allowing the powder to adhere to the irritated area and promote healing. The Safe n Simple skin barrier sheet plus contains zinc oxide and aloe to protect peristomal skin and promote healing.
How can I waterproof my wafer?
Safe n Simple carries two products perfect for waterproofing your wafer. Our skin barrier arcs and Derma-Pro Waterproof Silicone Tape.
I want to go swimming. What can I use?
You can waterproof your wafer with our skin barrier arcs, Derma-Pro Waterproof Silicone Tape, or you can use our Safe n Simple stoma cap designed for swimming and bathing.
What can I do about my wafer lifting around the edges?
Safe n Simple carries 2 products perfect for assisting with lifting around the edge of the wafer. Our skin barrier arcs and Derma-Pro Waterproof Silicone Tape.
I only get one day of wear time. How can I extend it?
That would be a question that would be followed up with some additional questions to better understand your situation. Please feel free to contact Safe n Simple or your healthcare provider for assistance.
I have creases/scars by my stoma causing leakage issues. Do you have any suggestions?
Safe n Simple conforming ring is very malleable. They are frequently used to stop leakage in scarred or creased areas. Tear a piece of the conforming ring to fit the scar or crease, mold it to the shape, and place it in the indentation before applying your pouching system. We also offer three different types of skin barrier paste that can be used to fill in those areas.