What our clients say

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“I take care of my husband and am using the 21120 arcs on top of his wafer to secure the edges. Since using this product he feels more confident when going out in public and was even going to the beach using them”.

Grace H.rating-star

“The arcs work wonderful. I am getting 5 days out of my bag. I am using them at the top and bottom of the wafer to secure the edges.”

Orville R.rating-star

“I am really impressed with the arcs and that they were really helping my skin heal.”

James L.rating-star

“The Safe n Simple Skin Barrier Arcs increase the life of the urostomy pouch by 1 to 2 days. I usually change every 5 days. I have been using tape around the wafer. The strips work much better.”

Eric Mrating-star

"I'm getting 3 to 4 days of wear time. Those arcs are wonderful. I put them around the bottom of my wafer.“

Cecelia Drating-star

“I love the arcs but I really like both wipes too.”

Diane M. (WOCN)rating-star

“These are simply fantastic. The feedback from my clients is that they have a longer wear time than the thinner Coloplast
ones and are very waterproof. Could I please have more samples. Thanks”.

Vashti L. (CWOCN)rating-star

“A few months ago I was put on hold while ordering some ostomy supplies.As it has turned out , being put on hold was the beginning of a life changing situation for me.I listened to a description of a new product " The Skin Barrier Arc".It sounded like something that could possibly help me.I havea hernia that was causinga very large bulge around and under my stoma. My pouches just would not lay flat any longer and I was taping my barrier/flange down.It was uncomfortable, time consuming and very discouraging. Then I heard the blurb about the "Arc" I asked for a free sample,I tried the product and I was sold.I have been using this amazing product for about two months.I am so happy, it has changed my life.It keeps my barrier and flange securely fastened.It lasts for well over a week, if I choose.It is easy to use. I could not be ;more pleased, I am comfortable and secure. Using the Safe n Simple Skin Barrier Arc has removed a large amount of stress from my

Beth P.rating-star

Lydia says, tell everyone Safe n Simple arcs saved her life.
She can go anywhere now and stay the night with her
grandkids and not wake up crying because of the mess she has to clean. “Thanks so much for this. It really did save my life. I use both sizes and they have been a blessing without these I would be crying everyday. They have given me confidence and my freedom again.”

Lydia O.rating-star

“I have been using the arcs for six months or more now and wanted to tell you that the skin barrier arcs really help to hold my pouch on. I was only getting one day and now getting 3-4 days wear by using the arcs under my pouch. I’ve told friends about them.

David B.rating-star

“Loved them! I am back in the swimming pool again!”.

Joan H.rating-star

“I got extended wear time with conforming ring and I appreciate you people and thank you for the samples. You have made my life easier.”

William R.rating-star

“They’re Great!”

Ray F.rating-star

“Will be ordering, I got longer wear time and I am looking forward to the cost savings.”

Theron A.rating-star

“"I love the conforming seals. Used Eakins in the past for quite a while. Compared to yours they should be taken off the market. Yours held up longer and with the turtlenecking they worked great. Ordering the 4" rings.“

Mark O.rating-star

“Conforming skin barrier is a winner. They adhere better than any other ring I have tried. They doubled the time between changes.”

Sam R.rating-star

“Conforming rings work better than the paste I was using and there is no burn. They come off easier too. Thank you, they are now part of my order from Byram.”

Forrest H.rating-star

“I absolutely love the safe n simple barrier conforming adhesive seal rings! They hold up real well and the best part is that they don't sting. That has put my mind to ease on when I change my system and don't have fear about being in pain because it will sting. I'm so thankful that there are barrier rings like these. In fact I've place an order with Edgepark my supplier, and now only use these right after I tried the first one. I am so grateful that safe n simple had made these. These are 10000% times better than eakin seals. and trust me I put them through a lot by chasing my two young children, running, working out, and the summer heat and they still hold up. Best product ever next to the safe n simple barrier wipes too!”

Angie R.rating-star

“Let me tell you this there hasn’t been a summer that I didn’t have problems with leakage until I tried using Safe and Simple Adhesive Seals.
I used eakin seals but they didn’t hold up in the heat . Everybody’s skin is different I
know that because my wife and I are completely different that this product has made a big difference .If you haven’t tried this give it a shot it could make your life much more enjoyable.”

Jerry K.rating-star

called me yesterday after I sent him samples of the Conforming Seals from our ad in the Phoenix magazine. He just wanted to let me know that they were “INCREDIBLE” and he was going to order them right away. Ordering from EdgePark.

Tom C.rating-star

“I am using three of your products now, Integrity Seals for fill-in areas, Conforming Seals and also your deodorant and have been getting three days wear time now over one day wear time from the other products. You’ve kinda saved my life.”.

David Brating-star

“I have had my ileostomy for 42 years and have used the same setup for the last 25 years using colli-seals. Your product is very impressive and got a weeks wear time.

Freya D.rating-star

"I love the Conforming Seals!! So
much better than any regular rings/seals. Really increased my wear time and stops irritation of peri-stomal skin. Going to order them.”

User - Cedar Park, TXrating-star

“The seals are working well and seem to hold up better and I am getting at least 1-2 days longer wear time.”

Barbara P.rating-star

“When my ostomy products supplier first told me that I would have to change to Safe n Simple products because my insurance wasn't reimbursing them enough for the brand I was using I was feeling a little "iffy" about the idea.  I called Safe n Simple to ask for samples that were equivalent to the products I was currently using.  They were happy to send me the samples.  I was very pleased with the quality of Safe n Simple products.  Since making the switch I have found that I love the products that Safe n Simple has to offer. The products are excellent quality without the excessive cost.  I love the wax rings that I get from them.  They are thinner than the Holister ones I was using and created less bulk under the appliance, but still achieved a perfect fit and hold.  I highly recommend Safe n Simple products.  If you haven't already tried them then you should give them a chance.  You will be surprised and pleased by their performance.”

Brenda C.rating-star

“Hello, I just want the Safe n Simplefolks to know I love the new Safe n Simple Conforming Adhesive Seals. They gently turtleneck around my stoma, increase my wear time and protect my skin from irritation better than other seals I've tried. Plus it removes easily when changing the pouch. I am totally pleased! Conforming Seals have made my life with an ostomy much easier.”

Sincerely, Aelin TXrating-star

“I just wanted to let you know that my Mom is receiving the Safe n Simple Skin Barrier Conforming Seals and Peri-Stoma Cleanser/Adhesive remover wipes from McKesson-National Rehab. She is so happy to have found the seals (she tried them through your sample request online), they work quite well with her Hollister system!! Pretty much a lifesaver! I wanted to let you know that and to firm with you the supply.I hope you are doing well and please let everyone know how happy we are to have found your products.!!!

Kim & Maureen S.rating-star

“Last week I called on ---- MedicalSupply and met Stephanie who works there and is also an ostomate. She agreed to trial our Conforming Seals. She said she absolutely “Loved” our seals and outperformed the Eakin rings. She said the Eakin could only be worn 3 days and got 5 days from ours, also ours did not break down and feels ours is now the best on the market.

Chad H. – RAMrating-star

“Safe n Simple Conforming Adhesive Seals: This is a new product that looks and feels like Eakin or Adapt rigns and are used in the same way. They look like regular rings, but they perform differently. The Safe n Simple Conforming Seals absorb moisture and actually “conform” to the stoma (like a turtle-necking effect), which prevents leaks onto my skin and increases my wear time. I can go 7 days without changing out my flange since I started using them. *Two thumbs up*”


“I use Safe n Simple conforming seals. They expand with body heat and allow me to get a longer wear time. I tried many before these but never had any consistent results. Eakins didn’t work for me at all. I put the Safe n Simple directly on the wafer. Your ostomy supplier may send you some samples. It’s worth a try. Best of luck to you!

Carolyn – Diverticulitis, Colostomyrating-star

Love safe n simple products!
I have very sensitive skin and was at a loss until I tried safe n simple. I love the barrier seals, the wipes, and the removers. They are so skin friendly and do an awesome job. I have a permanent ileostomy and safe n simple is my choice for life.

Angie R. – WOCN marketplace reviewrating-star

“I have enjoyed trying the samples of the wipes and have ordered some of your products from Byram.”

Janet D.rating-star

“I had both packs of wipes in my purse and used them as I travel or am away from home. I like the convenience and will reorder.”

Sandy P.rating-star

“Love your products! We are ordering the Peri-stoma adhesive remover wipes for all patients upon discharge.”

Juli J.(WOCN)rating-star

“I like your products so much that I already ordered them from Edgepark. They are now on my continue care order list.”

Christina H. (WOCN)rating-star

“Since seeing your products at the Reno conference and trying a sample of the Peri-Stoma Wipes, I have been buying and using them regularly - and they are wonderful! They are so convenient and soft and because they are lotion free, I can use them with confidence; there is no other product on the market like them, so I'm glad I "discovered" them. I sing their praises to all who will listen.”

Carol B.rating-star

“One of the worst problems with a ostomy is maintaining a good adhesive seal. The Safe n' Simple Peri-Stoma wipes helped to provide just that, as was proven to me recently. I went on extended travel and found that using the wipes as part of my ostomy maintenance provided a better adhesive bond with my wafer. Therefore I did not encounter a leak the entire time I was traveling. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

Bonnie C.rating-star

“I have been writing for the stoma adhesive remover cloths only because most insurances are covering it.  It’s a product I wouldn’t be without.   It cuts the time needed to change my pouching system, provides thorough, effective cleansing of stoma and peristomal skin and skin dries quickly to receive new pouching system. I’ve used it routinely for the past two years.”

Kathy W.rating-star

“I had some red and irritated skin using other wipes and when I received the Safe n Simple wipes from my medical supply co., they gave me instant relief and the skin healed. I like also, that they are big and so soft. I have nothing but praise for them and I will always use them, nothing compares to them.”

Sincerely, Hildegard.rating-star

“The skin barrier works fine. I don't know how to compare it to the others because they've all worked as expected. No issues with any of them. But I LOVE the peri-stoma cleansing wipes!!They've all workedgreat but I really like the size of the Safe n Simple wipes. You're brand is the only one I've had that marketed itself as a stoma wipe as well as an adhesive remover and I really like that.I've had a lot of issues gettingproducts from my supplier so I am going to switch to Edgepark....I don't think I'll have a problem there. Thank you so much for the samples and for following up.”

Caren H.rating-star

“I have received the samples you sent and tried them satisfactorily. I am currently using several Safe n Simple products and am quite pleased with all, especially the stoma and adhesive cleaner wipes. Thanks for great products at reasonable prices.”

Carmen L.rating-star

Accessorize to Maximize Comfort and Weartime
“Safe n Simple brings to the Ostomy Marketplace a great line of accessory products designed to be used with any pouching system on the market. In my practice, clients rave about Safe n Simple Peri-stoma Wipes; easy to use, remove barrier/wafer and adhesive residue with ease, and provide easy clean up of the peristomal skin without the need for soap and water. Wipes are packaged in a resealable pack, alcohol free, and flushable. Cost effective and reimburseable
– Great for travel! Excellent product!”

bjn26, Greenwich CTrating-star

Peri-stoma Adhesive Remover worked EXCELLENTLY!
“for the longest time I was using a washcloth to clean around my stoma. I would
keep it in a plastic ziplock bag. It was bulky and a hassle to carry around and clean. The Safe n Simple AdhesiveRemover comes in a package similar to baby wipes but have no lotions or alcohol that interfere with pouch adherence. The wipes stay moist in the re-closable
package and are flushable. I’m excited to try whatever else Safe n Simple has
to offer!”

Tony V. Kalamazoo, MIrating-star

“I really like the Safe n Simple skin barrier spray. I have used it in combination with Safe n Simple adhesive & barrier wipes (love those 2 products) + Allkare barrier wipe. I receive some of your products now with my supplies & am thankful that your company is coming up with new products & have made them available for us to try. We have discussed your products in my support group meetings.”

Andrea M.rating-star

“I am an ileostomate regular user of Safe n Simple Skin Barrier Wipes.  These wipes are Alcohol Free!  Finally a great concept to advance our care.  I love the ease of the wipes and have had great results each time I use them.  The wipe protects my skin surrounding my stoma making me feel safe especially when I eat spicy foods.”

Lori R.rating-star

“I was introduced to these through a friend and have been highly impressed. I use the barrier wipes and the cleaning removal tissues and just ordered more wipes about 3 weeks ago.
I would highly recommend. "

David T.rating-star

“This is the best product I ever tried.”

Kent S.rating-star

“ I have an ostomy appliance and have been using your deodorant with great success. Thank you.”

Rita P.rating-star

“I wanted to give you some feedback I recieved from a pt.  I gave him the bottle of Ostomy Pouch deodorant # SNS40208, and he LOVED it!  He has used Hollister adapt for years and said the SNS was way better and he wants more!  Can he buy it through Edgepark?”

Rachelle S. (WOCN)rating-star

“I used the lubricant and was very reliable in killing the odor.”

Duane R.rating-star

“I am new to this whole "ostomy world". Things have been tough, I've had some complications, finding the right supplies is challenging, but I'm getting closer. I received samples of different things from different companies, and have mostly been using Hollister products so far. Well, until last week, when my ostomy nurse had me switch to Convatec convex wafers, which are working well. However, I was not impressed with the Adapt odor eliminator gel stuff. It didn't seem to do much at all. So, I went onto the ostomy forum of a website I had found and
asked for help re: odor control. I got a few responses from people recommending Safe n Simple Assure C Odor Eliminator (clear & unscented). (Odor justmight be the number one issue I have with using a restroom away from home. At times, I have turned down chances to go out and do things, or planned my whole day around using the bathroom.) So, I  looked thru my samples and was thrilled to see I had gotten some from your company. Am VERY happy to say I have been using the Safe n Simple odor eliminator for just a couple of days now, but have noticed a big difference in how it works. I'm currently in a small day program for treatment of severe depression and anxiety, and as you know, when it's time to empty the bag, you have to do it. There is no "holding it in". Using the SnS product has decreased my worries of someone else being in the restroom when I am or coming in after me & smelling me, etc. I think SnS odor
eliminator will actually play a big part in helping me to become more comfortable with my ostomy. Thanks. Thank you for the supplies…I still have a long way to go in really accepting and adjusting to my colostomy and finding my new "normal", but the samples sent out really help in uncovering the "right" products for me.  Very grateful for your help.”

Jennifer S.rating-star

“Wow - it is great - have tried it that past 3 days- very impressed, love that it is not BLUE.  Will talk about it at my ASG meeting in Oct. Thank you for sharing, also, you are now listed on the web site under Industry partners, thank you for joining us.”

Susan B. – President, UOAArating-star

Thanks for sending me out, so promptly, no less, the sample of the Simpurity Dermapro
Waterproof Silicone Tape! Like everything I’ve gotten from Safe-n-Simple, it’s of great quality and exactly what I need, especially in this warm summer. I have had an ostomy since 2001, and have really seen the change in the quality of products through the years (with S-n-S leading the way in quality). I ordered a couple of rolls from your web store.

WarmestRegards, Brian Frielrating-star

As a CWOCN, the challenge of finding the BEST tape has always been a challenge.  Some tapes may be gentle enough to prevent any skin trauma with removal and overalI comfort for the patient.  Often times those tapes are not strong enough to maintain the seal that was intended.   More aggressive tapes may hold perfectly but when removed - even with proper technique can damage the skin. For the past two years, I have found the  Safe N Simple Silicone Tape has met the needs of my patients by offering a secure hold that is both gentle and comfortable.   It is an added bonus that is it affordable. I now stock both 1 inch and 2 inch Safe N Simple tape in my office and my patients and I have been so happy with the consistent performance of this

Diana Gallagher, MS, RN, CWOCN, CFCNrating-star